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IBIZA - "STELLAR The Radio Show " in LOCA FM Ibiza

Welcome to Stellar TheRadioShow, a journey into space.
We will go trough the electronic music, the sounds, the genres and the artists which caracterized Ibiza (and the world) in the last few decades.
We will discover a lot of anecdotes, tell stories… focusing on Ibiza, the clubbing and the beats which make us dream & dance…

All this with me, Domenico, your humble locutor.
12 years working in many positions for the world biggest club, Privilege Ibiza, and the last 3 years @Heart Ibiza as booking manager define my professional trajectory on the island.
After many years in the clubbing industry I’m so looking forward to start " STELLAR TheRadioShow " and share with you my passion for the music.
Thanks to LOCA FM Ibiza for giving me this opportunity and to bring the finest electronic music from Ibiza to the world.
Our unique island which is more than ever source of inspiration for everybody who love the music and the freedom…

Domenico D'aniello @matrix03